Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Guardians of Hope


Date Posted: April 23rd, 2017, 4:58 pm

Author Notes


God dammit, you can't cut me off now! Aww, man!
This took you four years to complete....... That has me concerned about how long bonds of hope will take
Noooooo it was so good ;_;
@LoganStefko I did the math because I was bored. If he continues at the same rate as he is doing now, and bonds of hope happens to be exactly 400 pages long, the comic will be done in the year 2020 in November
@wifijoe: well fuck me in the ass I've got a lot of waiting to do
Err, no more lucario?
I'm really glad you introduced team power back near the beginning it really helped sell it to me in the final battle xD I dunno if that's from the games since I've never played very far into any MD games
Not over Just for those who think this is over, its not. We will see them again if they upload Bonds of Hope
Pretty emotional ending! Great comic. Your art style grew so much making it. I loved it